Ms. Smarty-PlantsTM

The Story of Ms. Smarty-PlantsTM

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Pam Meisner, also known as Ms. Smarty-Plants, is a lifelong educator with over thirty years teaching experience advocating for fun and interactive learning in nature as well as bringing conservation into the classroom. In 2008 as Education Specialist of the Water Conservation Garden, Pam founded the Ms. Smarty-Plants program. In that first year, Ms. Smarty-Plants™ captivated the community with her colorful overalls and even brighter smile. Her program was enjoyed by over a thousand children and gaining momentum among school groups.

The Water Conservation Garden proved to be the perfect home for Ms. Smarty-Plants and with support from key water agencies the program grew to reach over 80,000 children and adults annually by 2016. Recognized by the State of California, Ms. Smarty-Plants earned the Water Conservation Garden a 2013 GEELA Award, Governors Economic Leadership Award, California’s highest environmental leadership honor. Many other awards followed as did conservationist young and old.

In addition to field trips and assemblies for low-income schools and communities, Pam is championing garden programs for senior citizens with Alzheimer’s and Dementia, partnering with The American Association for the Blind to bring the beauty of gardening to those with little or no sight and hosting monthly Garden visits for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students at Davila Day Deaf School to explore the outdoors.

Ms. Smarty-Plants continues to be a positive force in the community and recognizable role-model in Southern California. Her Education Team has grown, and they are committed to connecting children to their natural world. Due to the success and popularity of the program, the Ms. Smarty-Plants family now includes her “sisters”. You may meet Ms. Lauren Smarty-Plants, Ms. Leilani Señorita Smarty-Plants, and Ms. Yaily Señorita Smarty-Plants. They are increasing her capacity to inspire a generation of stewards and including access to Spanish-speakers. With her mantra We Can Change The World With Our Own Two Hands!”  Ms. Smarty-Plants™ inspires each and every individual she meets to be an Earth Hero.